Week 2 : How to understand the problem?

From the first week feedback, we've decided to work on a group project instead of individual projects. And we are going to work on Eva's idea, which is 

" How to give/sell unwanted stuffs when we move out to people who need it, so we don't waste material as well as helping each others"

I think this project is good for us to work on because,

  1. Moving is something we've all experienced here.
  2. We can find possible users for the project in any place
  3. There are enough evidences that people want this problem to be solved. 
    ex) Lots of online community markets have "free" section. 

So, why giving and selling unwanted, but still working stuffs is hard while we are moving out?Before we move into the research part, I thought it would be nice to remind ourselves to try a role playing game to understand this problem better. 

Week 1

Hello All,

We are going to start this class by sharing your project idea with other classmates.

Start it from,

  1. Find a problem you want to change or improve.
  2. Analyze the problem.
  3. How you want to change this problem?
  4. Show your research similar problem & solutions

If you can bring a simple presentation, that would be great. But it's not necessary to bring a ppt, but figure out the best way to communicate your idea clearly with people who have zero knowledge about the issue.

Secondly, setup any website or blog to document the entire process. Documentation is as important as a completed work. If you are applying for UX designer jobs, what your employers want to know about you is how you think, not how good graphic designer you are. I recommend using squarespace, but it's optional. For myself, I will try to communicate with you via squarespace blog and am going to document the process of class and projects as well.

And we are going to have a discussion about your project idea for 10-15 minutes.

Suggested Reading

I think this article would give you a better understanding of what UX designer is as opposed to visual designer and user researchers. Please try to read it before the class.

I think this article would give you a better understanding of what UX designer is as opposed to visual designer and user researchers. Please try to read it before the class.

Are you qualified as a UX designer?

Are you qualified as a UX designer?

Week 1 : idea Presentation





Please review your presentation as well as others presentation. Did you successfully convey the idea in the given time? Try to make your statement as concise as possible. Get to the point right away, not beating around the bushes. Your audience don't need to know everything about your project, but the core value it carries. If your story behind the project is not directly connected to the project, but you want to present it so badly, make it short so you don't get to confuse your audience. 

From today's presentation and discussion, what I've missed from all of your presentation was evidence of  your project competitor research and analysis. Try to figure out why some of them are working, others are not. I will add more comment and specific assignment for the next week over the weekend.

Please watch your presentation as well as others and write a comment about it. 

1. You need to write about your presentation analysis. Did your presentation clear enough to deliver your idea to your audience? Did we get to talk your idea in detail or not? If not, you didn't get us excited about your idea. What was the problem of your idea presentation?

2. Write a comment about others' presentation & ideas. What do you think? Did you like it?Why? or why not? If you want to try, how long would you use? Monthly?yearly? or just once. 


Leave a comment for each questions before I upload more homework. ( Saturday 5pm)