Week 2 : How to understand the problem?

From the first week feedback, we've decided to work on a group project instead of individual projects. And we are going to work on Eva's idea, which is 

" How to give/sell unwanted stuffs when we move out to people who need it, so we don't waste material as well as helping each others"

I think this project is good for us to work on because,

  1. Moving is something we've all experienced here.
  2. We can find possible users for the project in any place
  3. There are enough evidences that people want this problem to be solved. 
    ex) Lots of online community markets have "free" section. 

So, why giving and selling unwanted, but still working stuffs is hard while we are moving out?Before we move into the research part, I thought it would be nice to remind ourselves to try a role playing game to understand this problem better.