Beyond Profile

Experimental | Photography | 2010

Reality and Another Reailty

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What type of images do you put on your profile? A picture from the trip to Paris? or images of things you like? Whatever choice you've made, the image published on your social media account is going to be your online presence


However, it's not just about your online presence any more. Since many of communication now occur in online spaces, some people who only know you via online would perceive you with all information you posted, which partially project who you are. 


In this project, I want to unveil what's behind profiles. At the beginning, I asked people if they wanted to take a picture of their profile for free with a few conditions.


Condition 1. A portrait should be taken in the place where they live without any change.


Condition 2. Presume that only an upper body will be included in a portrait. So wear a costume accordingly.


Can you see now what's behind the profile?

This project is my social experiment in 2010.