Google Spaces

UX, Prototype | UX Designer | 2016

Google Spaces marketing design.jpg

Google Spaces

Spaces is a small group sharing app by Google that lets users get together in a group via an invite, then instantly start conversations around any topic, and share things like links, articles, videos, images, and more. The best part is you never have to leave the app to find links, articles, videos, and images. As Google has built in core services such as Google Search, Chrome, and YouTube. Spaces launched on Google I/O in 2016.

My Role

  • Re-design of the sharing feature
  • Responsible for iPad design and launch
  • Others : iOS sharing onboarding, Abuse, Setting, Chrome extension etc
  • Participated RITE study with a User Researcher

Design for iPad

Optimized for the split screen


The main target audiences of the Space for iPad was students. Therefore, it's important to incorporate the split screen feature into Space for iPad as students tend to move between apps to grab necessary information to share within groups. 



Re-design sharing feature

Shortbox is designed to create a quick posting



RITE Study

Rapid Iterative Testing and Evaluation

Rite study.jpg

For the development of Spaces, different user research methods were applied to build the product. RITE (Rapid Iterative Testing and Evolution) study was the main method to learn about target audiences and their needs while testing out the usability. In the study, UX designers are required to participate on weekly RITE study to

  1. Produce design mocks and prototypes for testing
  2. Iterate design mocks and prototype between sessions if necessary
  3. Ask additional questions to users
  4. Debrief with PM, engineers and report to the management.

As a UX designer/ Prototyper, I had built lots of prototypes (Using Principles) to test the concept design to usability without engaging engineers to move fast. The below videos are example designs from RITE studies. 

*Video loading might not be slow on Safari