Google Sparks

UX, Visual and Prototype | UX Designer | 2016


Google Sparks

Google Sparks is a experimental social app where users can send photo/video requests(Called Sparks in the app) about the topic you'd like to see from your close friends and family photos/videos to your close friends and family to enrich the communication. The app was a part of social experimental by Google SPS(Stream, Photos and Share) and well-received throughout the beta-testing with users(20 participants shared 300-400 photos per week).

My Role 

  • Designed the concept of Sparks with UX researcher and PM ( The app initially called Wormhole, which started as a camera app.)
  • Being a strategic partner to a PM and a UXR for Diary study and RITE study and rapidly designing high-fiedelity mocks and prototypes and drove the product decision based on the result. ( 16 user studies session, 1 Diary study over the course of 8 months, 9 different cohort beta-launch)
  • Develop and designed the concept of shuffle request to make it delightful while making it easy for users to send request(Sparks).


Design Details