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Try the high five camera before you read. (Desktop Only)
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High Five is a positive interaction happening between excited people . What if we have more chance to do high five in everyday life? High-Five camera is an interactive web application that encourages people to do high-five more and captures a gif image of that moment to record the energy and share with others to create vibrant communities. You can visit High Five Camera by clicking the image below.


I was deeply inspired by the James-Lange theory which refers to a hypothesis on the origin and nature of emotion.

The basic premise of the theory is that physiological arousal instigates the experience of a specific emtion. Instead of feeling and subsequent physiological response, the theory proposes that the physiological change is primary, and emotion is then experience when the brain reacts to the information received via the body’s nervous system.
— James-Lange Theory wikipedia

In other words, our physical reaction could impact on our emotion. Then, I came up with an idea. Can I encourage people do high-five more to create an exciting and vibrant communities?


How it works


how to install
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ITP winter show 2013


This project was exhibited in ITP Winter show 2013. I’ve contacted by a variety range of people from artists to educators. They wanted to try this on their place. I am looking forward to develop further to involve more communities to promote and encourage more positive physical interaction. 


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