Amaze VR

VR Platform Design

UX/UI Design | Lead UX | 2017-2018


Amaze VR is a curated VR contents platform and focusing on 3D VR180 4k contents. Currently, Amaze VR is listed as a top free app on Oculus Gear VR store (From 09.2017) and launched on 6 VR platforms ( Oculus Rift, Daydream, Window Mixed Reality, iOS and Android).

I was in charge of UX from the beginning of the development and was able to experience a wide range of product design from the brainstorming to growth of the product.


Design Showcase

Tailored for the 1st time user journey


Amaze VR is consist of two different parts. The first part is a menu navigation that is tailored for the first time user journey. VR contents platform is one of the most competitive area, so we need to demonstrate our value as quick as possible. In order to overcome the challenge, the menu navigation is designed to lower the cognitive effort of what to watch first. 

The other part of experience is watching experience. Watching contents on Amaze is where users truly find the value of our platform, which is the highest quality VR180 3D videos. The design of video player menu consists of video player controller, reactions and voice comment. Reaction and voice comment features are designed to extend the watching experience by interacting with other users.

Layout 15.jpg