Social Cat Network

Physical Computing | UX Design | 2012
[ In-Progress ]

Can affection from far distance make my cat happier?

Social Cat Network is a connected devices that enables people(including myself) who love my cat(Soah, Male, 12 yrs) to feed and play with him with a smartphone application. This project is my final project at Physical Computing at NYU ITP taught by Tom Igoe. The project is still in progress.

This project is a project to experiment with how affection from far distance (via smartphone) could possibly affect the life quality of my lonely cat while I attend to grad school. By creating a connected device that enables bi-directional communication through wifi network, I really wanted to make my cat healthy and happy. 



Introduce My Cat

Soah was happy..

With Neighbors in Chicago

Ever since I'd attended to grad school, I made my cat, Soah, lonely. I wasn't able to spend enough time with him, feeding at the right time. There was no one can play with him while I went to school. 

In 2012, I moved from Chicago to New York city to attend NYU ITP.
Ever since I'd attended to ITP, I stayed at school most of time, which made my cat completely isolated from all the other people. I  felt really sorry to him as I couldn't spend enough time with him as well as feeding him 

After moving to nyc, Soah was all alone.

With no one around, Even myself

Some live far away from home


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