Walking to the Moon

MOBILE GAME | Gamification | Quantified Self | 2014

Walk more, Play Better

Your walking step data turns into a game asset, which is required to keep playing the game. The more you walk, The longer you can play the game. As a result, you would be healthier while playing game.

This was my thesis project at NYU ITP 2014 and Here is the live streamed video of my thesis presentation(12min) and a collaboration with Jaewoong Hwang(in-game play-development) and Woonyung Choi(illustrator).

My Role: Project Leader.Design the entire game system architecture, Create a story, Back-end Development for Data


Concept Video

The desire to win the game drives you walk more


Playing walking to the moon is not like using fitness trackers/apps to acheive a daily goal. In this game,the desire of winning the game will drive you walk more.


Your walking experience is becoming a part of the gameplay. when you walk on the street to get more steps count, you earn your game hero's stamina to play the game, just like grinding in massive multiplayer online role-playing games. Only difference here is that grinding is happening in real life.



The more you play, the more you need to walk


Each stages require player to have at least 500 steps to complete. While you play the game, the game character consumes his stamina.(stamina = number of step counts you walked). To win this game, you also need to destory enemies in various ways otherwise they will interrupt you to waste more stamina.



Let's try the game. Click (only works in Chrome)


How it works

Step counts in real life = Game stamina for your character


In this game, the more you walk in real life, the more you can play the game. Unlike other free to play game, you don't have to wait to play again, but walk outside.


Walking to the Moon is connected to an application called Moves, activity tracker. When you walk with a smartphone, Moves tracks how many steps you take in a day. Walking to the Moon communicates with Moves API to collect steps count, and convert into game stamina for game character to play the game.


Target Audience


Keep people Motivated

To play more, and walk more


01. Stronger Motivator

Do you want to play more? Then, walk


We all know for a fact that we would be healthier if we walk more. However, the fact doesn’t motivate us. In this game,it stimulates its players’ desire to win the game.There are two things player can do. One is being an awesome game player. Another is to walk more to get more stamina.


02. Clear Goal

Each stages require users to have approx. 500-1000 steps to win


In this game, challenges to achieve are made explicit and are designed to increase the difficulty. The more you are engaged in the game play, the more you need to walk. While you are immersed into the game,you might need to step outside of home to earn more steps to keep playing.


3. Check Your Progress

A combination of your daily activity and Gameplay performance


Your progress in the game will be displayed in the game map. Let’s imagine you can walk to the Empire state building. This progress feed provides an experience which is empowering your daily walking experience. You are going to somewhere exciting with every step you takes


4.Reward on Behavior Change

Behavior changes on step counts will be rewarded with game items


Behavior change will be rewarded with game items. For instance, if players break the personal record of steps, they will receive a rocket that accelerate hero’s walking speed twice faster for 5 seconds. Different game items will be given to players to benefit their various behavior changes. And these items will aid you to finish the game faster.






At some point, numbers doesn't motivate you.



Badges can feel meaningless for someone


PRoblem analysis

How to make people keep motivated?


APplying Game Design

Playing game is fun


Game Research

Are there any game that gamifies exercise?


Walk to keep playing

Instead of waiting or paying money, can we use fitness data?


Initial Approach

The more you exercise, the faster you are in game

Second Concept

Tamagotchi Style Game


Final Concept

What if we can walk to the moon?


Target Audience

Experienced in fitness tracking devices, but failed to motivate



First Prototype

Simple Touch Game

2nd Prototype

Add complexity to game play


Game Design

All specification of the game

Updated Perspective

Now you can see the goal anytime


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