Walking to the Moon

MOBILE GAME | Gamification | Quantified Self | 2014

Turn your walking experience into a gameplay

Walking to the moon is a mobile game that turns walking experience into a game by bringing fun to motivate behavior change. Your walking step data turns into a game assets,which requires to keep playing the game. The more you walk, The more you can play the game. As a result, you would be healthier while playing game.

This was my thesis project at NYU ITP 2014 and Here is the live streamed video of my thesis presentation(12min).


How it works

Your step counts in real life

Turns into a game assets




How to motivate people?


why this game will motivate people to walk more than other fitness trackers and applications?


User becomes a Player

As I mentioned earlier, Seeing activity data wasn’t fun because it feels like a work that I have to do for my health. 

Compare to this experience, this game focuses on what players earn and encourage them to earn more. With this game once they start playing the game, they will want to walk more to keep playing the game.

If you want to see detailed documentation for developing this game, you can either visit here, or download PDF