You matter to me, But

Interactive Installation | 2012


You do matter to me is an interactive installation that consists of an inflatable sculpture that changes its status when it is surrounded by people.The inflatable starts inflating when people get closed to it, slowly revealing its human-simulated shape. However it does not welcome people who thankfully bring the life back to it as it can’t keep its shape without people. Rather, it seems to be terrified and is holding its knee to be disconnected from people.


BFA Show 2012

At School of the Art Institute of Chicago


What is it like to having a relationship with others in 2012? Sending text messages, sharing news and photos? The way we interact with others has been significantly changed ever since the emergence of smartphones and social network. Now a lot of people immersed in their online space while meeting their friends to be connected with others in the distance. Ironically, we do want to be connected by disconnecting us from people who spend their time to stay together.